February 01, 2016

white as snow

P1170036P1170032 P1170023 P1170022P1170021P1170020 Volspark Friedrichshain, Berlin

Apologies for my absence this week - after spending last weekend looking for apartments I finally signed a six month contract for a studio apartment in the east of Berlin. I moved in Tuesday, and spent most of my evenings after class at Ikea and Muji finding bits and pieces for my place. It is in a super cool location, with shops and cafes downstairs and the Boxhanger Platz Markets across the road. My wifi isn't connected for another week, so I have to steal wifi from cafes where I can (hence my absence). Its furnished - which is simultaneously good and bad - the decor is not quite my style but at least I don't have to spend another week (and a months budget) furnishing the place. Hopefully I will be able to jade-ify it with bric-a-brac from the markets.

Aside from my house dramas - school is going well although my learning has slowed down a bit. There a quite a few Swiss-French at my school, which is nice to practice my French but confusing to swap between two languages that aren't English. I haven't had much time to explore Berlin still, so many museums to visit and cafes to drink coffee at. Maybe I'll save that for visits from friends. These photos are from a couple of weeks ago when it verged on -9 degrees, and the snow was 20cm thick. As wonderful as it was, it has all melted away which makes walking around the city just that much easier. And also riding, which is my next task - to find a bike!

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