October 30, 2012


I handed in my final assignment for the semester on Monday, which, I thought, would bring much relief and de-stress... instead I'm really wishing I took another day to clean it up and actually make some sort of argument that made (even just a little) sense. So I've just been listening to a little bit of Taylor to cheer me up, she always manages to do that.

October 17, 2012

Dunes Under Repair

C001143-R1-16-17C001143-R1-15-16C001143-R1-14-15 You realise the world is broken when you find out your parents aren't infallible. It's the moment when their decisions have damaging consequences, and when they can no longer say that everything is going to be all okay. Their guidance, by default, is thus flawed and you start to question everything around you; those ideas that they taught you, those lessons and rules... what were they all for anyways? You're suddenly alone in the world, capable of being just a terrible person as they are, capable of all the same mistakes they made. Even though they tried their best, they still messed up. But that's okay.

October 14, 2012

Mumford and Sons

Love it will not betray you
Dismay or enslave you, it will set you free
Be more like the man you were made to be
There is a design, an alignment, a cry Of my heart to see,
The beauty of love as it was made to be

I saw the amazing Mumford and Sons at the Belvoir Amphitheater last night. Man, they really are amazing and wonderful and lyrically enriching.

October 08, 2012

via tfs

It's beach time...!

Photobucket (from left: gorman estella bikini top and bottom, gorman horizon dress, sass & bide pampa sunglasses, swedish has-beens braided high, invisible zinc sunscreen and swedish has-beens bag for life)

Yaaaay! It's three weeks left til the end of semester, the weather has been gorgeous and I'm looking forward to the beach! And, here's what I'll be wearing. But first I have to get through a 2,500 word political science essay, a tute presentation, a couple of french tests and two exams >.< I want this next month to go quickly!

Swan Valley

C001143-R1-02-3C001143-R1-03-4C001143-R1-04-5C001143-R1-09-10C001143-R1-10-11C001143-R1-12-13C000539-R1-33-35C000539-R1-34-36C000539-R1-35-37C001143-R1-00-1C001143-R1-01-2C001143-R1-11-12 These are from a perfect winters day in the Swan Valley when I went with some friends to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory as a little get-away from a camp we were attending in the hills. We ate heaps of chocolate and, afterwards, crossed the road and ran through the vineyards.

October 02, 2012

October Photography Night Walk

DSC_0706DSC_0762DSC_0717DSC_0711DSC_0700DSC_0702DSC_0692DSC_0646DSC_0611DSC_0613DSC_0599DSC_0631DSC_0549DSC_0658 I went to my third photography night walk in Subiaco tonight. We had a model and a couple of locations this time, my favourite being this last one from a carpark. The lighting was gorgeous and it was a really lovely place to shoot. I met some really cool Asian guys aswell who helped me out along the way. I'll post the rest from the other locations in days to come.

P.s. It's my one year anniversary this week, so I was lucky enough to wake up to breakfast in bed yesterday and today he took me out to a lovely picnic down at cottesloe beach followed by massages. Eeee, sorry to get all soppy and all, I'm really the luckiest girl ^_^

October 01, 2012

900xr I had so many planned blog posts about Russian Film Festivals, Wes Anderson newbies, Ruby Sparks, excitement for some films ahead and disappointment with others- but once again work has taken over my life and I haven't really had a single second behind my computer screen for about a week now. So I leave you with a very lame, not thought-out post apologizing, again, for my lack of blog entries and a pretty picture of the coolest twelve year old out, Kara Hayward in the sleekest 60s mod dress. I have the next two days off, and a photography night tomorrow so I promise (eeee hopefully, I shouldn't break these should I?) a couple of new posts within the next day or so.