September 29, 2009

the virgin suicides

(screencaps from the virgin suicides)

study break is so incredibly boring. i popped in one of my all time favorite films today, the virgin suicides, and fell in love with kirsten dunst all over again. i should really start studying but i have atleast two weeks until my first proper exam (because maths doesn't count).

September 28, 2009

creepy or cute

(via xkcd)

lets let the snow fall from the clouds

(fleur wood crochet cardigan, scanlan & theodore black skirt and black top, jonathan aston white tights, thrifted brown oxfords)

September 26, 2009

09.26 two bucks til wednesday

(all taken with nikon d90)

the lovely peoples over at two bucks til wednesday had there spring sale yesterday. i picked up two awesome sweaters, one that took me back to my childhood and the other back to the 80's. i also bought a uber cool pair of oxford lace-ups that i'm pretty sure were designed for a guy, but i love them anyways. my mother and i also went shopping together in the morning, and i got fairly spoiled on the new summer items. images to come :)

September 25, 2009

09.25 Last Day: Part Four Waterbomb Fight

the graduating class of 2009 celebrated with a massive waterbomb fight after school

okay and well to make these posts just a tad fashion related, here is amelia brown, a rising fashion model and heading over to the states next year so watch out!

(all images taken with nikon d90)

for more social images please check my facebook, i'll be updating some more fashion/photography related posts in the next few days :)

09.25 Last Day: Part Two Recess

so for muck up day its a year 12 tradition at my school that all the girls get to wear crazy tights and ties

09.25 Last Day: Part One

today was my last official day of high school, it was filled with plenty of celebrations, surprises and fun albeit very exhausting and in some respects very sad (however, ironically i recived my official confirmation letter for my exchange to France, so im too excited for the future to become nostalgic) okay i know this blog is usually about fashion, but the next few posts are going to deviat from that just a tad, hope you don't mind :)

pollies class

Literature Class

Disco Class