June 18, 2012

US Vogue Edit

Y1323975182555506_2Y1323975182555506_3 (US Vogue January 2012 via tfs)
C000315-R1-12-14C000315-R1-13-15C000315-R1-14-16 summer skating days

June 17, 2012


prometheus-movie-poster-slice Watched Prometheus the other night. Micheal Fassbender is such a badass. I've suddenly gone on a sci-fi obsession, probably spurred by my nerdy boyfriend, we tried to find Alien tonight but had to settle with Aliens instead. Man, even though they've tried to set it in the future and all, you just can't get rid of the bad 80s haircuts! It was really interesting comparing the two films to their contexts though- Prometheus was a very sterile and eerie version of the future that tried to ask the fundamental questions of existence. Aliens on the other hand was quite into the whole guns and excessive fighting, with not much philosophy into it at all. It would be pretty interesting to see if anyones done a write up comparing the two (things like, the way the different type casts reflected society, the interpretations of the future, the approach to the future, the whole we're-all-in-this-together-post-vietnam-war vibe of Aliens etc). I would but I'm sleepy and would have to see Alien first before I'd make any judgement.

Chinese New Year

C000315-R1-00-1AC000315-R1-01-2AC000315-R1-02-3AC000315-R1-03-6C000315-R1-05-7C000315-R1-04-4C000315-R1-07-9C000315-R1-06-8C000315-R1-09-11C000315-R1-08-10 Finally developed my roll of film and found some very old family snaps from Chinese New Year on them. I opened up the film in broad daylight so it wasn't really developed with the best of quality, oh well.

June 12, 2012


211080_980valentino-backstage12 Frida via tfs

slouchy spring gear with braids to match

Phuket Snaps

C088493-R1-08-29AC088493-R1-09-28AC088493-R1-07-30AC088493-R1-06-31AC088493-R1-04-33AC088493-R1-10-27AC088493-R1-05-32A I've spent all day not studying and wishing I was back in Phuket. I'm getting really caught up in silly little things and it's distracting me from doing anything at all. Grrr.

Reverse Seasonitis

Photobucket A.P.C. shirt, skirt and leather satchel, Cutler and Gross sunglasses, Salt Water sandals

 I hate having reverse seasons to the northern hemisphere. I've spent all summer wanting it to be winter so I can wear my cape, cable knit sweaters, tights and boots only to be sitting in a storm wishing it was summer again. Here's what I'd be wearing.

June 10, 2012

Melbourne Recap

Collection of things PurchasedCollection of things Purchased 2
Just touched down from Melbourne a couple of hours ago after a week in the (lovely) cold rain and city atmosphere. I went with my boyfriend for the annual Melbourne Jazz Festival to watch plenty of live jazz performances from all the ├╝ber cool jazz musicians from around the world. I must admit I've never been the biggest jazz follower and probably appreciated but disliked the genre about a year ago. Now, it's definitely grown on me (probably inevitable since my boyfriend is a jazz pianist..). In addition to jazz being played whenever I'm around him I've started Swing Dancing which incorporates music from the 20s and 30s jazz scenes. I'm still getting my head around it, but I saw Terence Blanchard at the Melbourne Recital Hall and loved it. He incorporated some beautiful piano pieces by Fabien which I completely adored. Other than jazz however, we spent plenty of days shopping, roaming the streets, drinking coffee, getting used to the trams and curling up on the couch to watch countless episodes of The West Wing. It was a fantastic week, and heres some snaps of the weeks best purchases. The first picture is a combination of all the books and notebooks found among the little bookstores in Melby.

Secondly, the best and favourite purchase would have to be these two A.P.C. skirts that I found, on sale might I add. I've been looking for A.P.C. everywhere and had pretty much given up hope of them ever stocking in Australia however finally stumbled across them just before the store was about to close and snapped up the last two! Eee! They are summer gear though, so I have another 3 months to wait... never thought I'd be anticipating summer this much!
A.P.C. SkirtsA.P.C. Tags

I've been wanting a pair of the classic saltwater sandals for some time, but never managed to find a stockist in Perth. Finally stumbled across some in Melbourne, despite the far from sandal weather, and snapped up a pair perfect for summer. Be careful though, they run a lot bigger (I think they're UK sizes?), my size 7 is a European 39.
Saltwater SandalsSaltwater Sandals 2

Okay I didn't buy these Il Bisonte glasses case in Melbourne, but I bought them a little before so I thought I'd post them. I've needed glasses for about the past year but only finally ended up getting a prescription after some pretty painful studying sessions
Il Bisonte Glasses Case
And finally, I wouldn't call this a purchase because my lovely boyfriend bought it for me as a surprise, but its the first ever edition of the Snoopy comics collection. We had stumbled into this amazingly large pop culture comic book store on Elizabeth street and I had been goggling the entire collection for about an hour but couldn't justify buying just one (or which one). So he bought me the first one to start of my collection, I'm hoping to have a complete set in 10 years! Yay!
Snoopy 1Snoopy 2 I didn't take my digital camera, so all the film snaps should be developed and uploaded slowly in the coming weeks. Also, this blog post is dedicated to Maddi. My friend and avid blog follower since 2009 who I met up with in Melbourne and complained that I wasn't updating enough.