October 26, 2014

treasure the memories

C828242-R9-20-4C828242-R9-21-3 F1100002F1100005 Tokyo Imperial Palace Gardens

"I've learned that things change, people change, and it doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means that you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn't mean giving up, it means accepting that some things just weren't meant to be."

October 20, 2014


C001018-R1-02-3C001018-R1-03-4C001018-R1-04-5 Walking along the Shijo-Dori in Kyoto, July 2014

For some reason this week everything seemed harder than what it was supposed to be - a lovely dinner with friends, a small mooting assignment and a couple of days in the library turned into me stressing at every corner. I guess its the crushing weight of three weeks until exams, but it seemed more than that. As if everything was falling in, even though it wasn't. The person that I become when I'm anxious isn't one that I admire - callous words blurted out, obnoxious behaviour throughout dinner - it always seems to be a spinning circle of stress, attempting to pretend everything is fine by either drinking too much or speaking excessively about people/things/life (or often both), then consequent anxeity of my actions whilst stressed. My goal for the next couple of weeks is just to let all this go, to forgive for doing silly things that everyone does once in a while and to channel all that useless energy into finishing exams. Then Melbourne, Summer and plenty more.

October 15, 2014

Melbourne Trip!

C001018-R1-13-12 Osaka, July 2014

I booked my flights to Melbourne today for a quick trip to see my old best friend Viv (you may recognise her from this blog when she used to be my daily source of photography inspiration). She now lives there (after scoring a sweet graphic design gig with the Greens might I add) along with her big sis who is a fashion designer. Its less than a month away, and what a terrible month the next one will be. I'm trying to stay positive with bible time, study interspersed with coffee dates and exercise. I guess there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

October 12, 2014

Various Tokyo

C828242-R4-10-17AC828242-R4-12-15AC828242-R4-11-16AC828242-R7-12-16 C828242-R7-14-14 Various Tokyo, July 2014

October 11, 2014

C828242-R4-01-26AC828242-R4-00-27A A cute Japanese girl in Shibuya, July 2014
F1090023F1090026F1090025F1090024 Kennin-ji Temple, Kyoto, July 2014

October 10, 2014

The Week

C001018-R1-24-23C001018-R1-25-24 Moto Coffee, Osaka, July 2014

This week was a busy one, but filled with lovely moments with great friends. On Monday I saw Richard Linklater's latest film Boyhood (a measured and great tale of growing up) with Hamish and Matthew. Tuesday I celebrated my best friends birthday with having dinner at a Lebanese restaurant The Prophet in East Victoria Park (I'm attempting to navigate the many eateries of the busy Albany Hwy, getting there slowly). Thursday was a day filled with study alongside Matthew, Scott and Matheo, with an evening at the UWA Spring Feast - a multicultural event with food stalls and performaces. I'm trying not to get too down about constant library time, especially when the weather is warming up, but planning my little trip to Melbourne after exams is a good goal to focus on. Plus, little joys during the week like these make it not too bad.

October 07, 2014


F1110011F1110010F1110008 A graveyard we stumbled across on the walk to the Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto July 2014

October 05, 2014

Overlooking Osaka

C001018-R1-14-13 Overlooking Osaka, July 2014

October 04, 2014

Toodyay and other things

C001068-R1-25-11 Toodyay, October 2014

Alas, my one week break from university is coming to a close and I'm not really looking forward to returning. It's been a pretty packed week with work, catching up with friends, having people around to see my new house and a quick trip up to Toodyay for a night (see above picture, with more to come!). I was allocated my exam timetable on Friday and it looks like its going to be a pretty horrendous five weeks til the end of semester - I have four exams in the first four days. But, if I could make it through last exam period scatheless then I can pretty much get through anything. Atleast I'm all over by the 12th of November, and then I might make a quick trip to see friends in Melbourne. I have some other big things to sort out before the year is out. I'm just about to submit my exchange application and I'm torn between leaving in June next year or the following January. It would be nice to leave early, but I do feel as though I've just settled into my new place and it would be too soon to leave again.

October 03, 2014


C828242-R7-19-9C828242-R7-20-8C828242-R7-21-7C828242-R7-22-6C828242-R7-23-5C828242-R7-25-3C828242-R7-27-1C828242-R7-26-2C828242-R7-18-10C828242-R7-24-4 Grimoire Vintage Shop, Tokyo July 2014

A cool little vintage shop that we stumbled upon in Shibuya, Tokyo.