July 31, 2009

07.31 Part Two: Outfit Posts

(scanlan & theodore top and skirt, topshop blazer, thrifted belt, stuart weitzman heels)

07.31 Part One: Food Porn

(taken with nikon d90)

July 30, 2009

July 29, 2009

free will

(taken with nikon d90)
"What we call chaos is just patterns we haven't recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher. What we can't understand we call nonsense. What we can't read we call gibberish. There is no free will. There are no variables. There is only the inevitable."
~ Chuck Palahnuik

This morning we were discussing free will vs the inevitable in my literature class in reference to t.s. eliot. I don't really think we, as individuals, have much free will because our choices are so guided... even our 'choices' are what society wants us to be. blah, blah, sick of arguing. i have a viewpoint but not in the mood to get back into the argument again >.<

July 25, 2009

juillet twenty-fifth: final part

(taken with nikon d90 in wasteland)

well, what an amazing day. i took 434 photographs, drank 2.4 cans of red bull, one diet coke, went to two different pigeonholes (what an amazing store!), spent over 52 minutes in the second one, uploaded 11 blog posts and had an absolutly awesome day. i'm now off to a party, farewell mes amies! i'll upload all the other photographs in due time, hopefully this will get you through the weekend :):)

07.25 part eight.two: cabin fever

(taken with nikon d90)

07.25 part eight: cabin fever

(taken with nikon d90)

cabin fever is kinda a part of pigeon hole, its a silent auction thingo where people bid on various items around the store. if you like any of the items here and would like to bid, visit there website for more information. my personal favorite is the camera covered in swarovski crystals. it is purely amazing! i also want the bike that looks like its come straight from the 50's. if ony i had money.

07.25 part seven

(taken with nikon d90)

this is hannah, she has amazing red hair similar to adele of AusNTM. She also has amazing shoes. and she told us the wonders about applying for an arts course at tafe, and how its so much cooler than uni. she comes from the same boat as viv and i, smart, intelligent, creative... but bored with the constraints of university lectures. she kinda inspired me to do a photography course at tafe, im still deciding, but she made it seem really cool and exactly what i want to do with my life. she also showed us in the direction of two cool perth street fashion blog, streetmuse and dropstitch. she has a blog too, visit her blog! two bucks til wednesday.

07.25 part six.two

(taken with nikon d90)

07.25 part six

(taken with nikon d90)

we then headed over to the barrack street store of pigeon hole. and it is amazing!! it has the quirkiest stuff and the store is so awesome-ly designed. We had a really long chat with the owner, johann and the girl behind the counter Hannah, who also has a blog called two bucks till wednesday that you should all chec out! visit the stores website, pigeon hole.

07.25 part five

(taken with nikon d90)

we then spotted this girl in the cutest outfit and grabbed her before she started eating her hot dog. i felt really bad that we took her away from her lunch, but her outfit was too irresistible!

07.25 part four

We then did a little bit of shopping, searching for viv's blazer that i posted about a few days ago. We found a cool one at good sammys, but it was wayy too big for her! the problems with op shopping :(

07.25 part three

(taken with nikon d90)

So, we got to pigeon hole and there was the most adorable girl who had the cutest outfit! so we asked for a picture :) and then the person working in the store also had the coolest outfit! so we snapped up hers too :):) the store was amazing, so cute! we should've snapped pics, but we were too scared to ask ><

07.25 part two: outfit post

(the alleyway next to capitol)

Secondly, we really wanted to go to pigeon hole which was also in the little alleyway, but by time we finished our lunch they had gone out to lunch... so we bummed around the area till they re-opened.