April 13, 2016

Two Two

P1010016P1010012 P1010009 P1010010 P1010035 P1010034P1010052P1010049P1010007 Two Two Cafe, Neukölln

After not the best start of the day, my boyfriend (who has just moved to Berlin) and I stumbled across this super cool Japanese cafe in the middle of Neukölln. It has a super cool vibe that was totally not Berlin - for example, it was super welcoming, had wifi & super cool stationary for sale and the coffee was decent (okay maybe I'm being a bit harsh to Berlin...). But it is definitely going to be a staple in the future!

German classes are done (for the moment) and last week I had my university orientation. The German classes came in useful because the entire week was pretty much done in German, which means that I missed important things like how to sign up to my classes. Sigh, but I got through in the end, and despite some hiccups on the way, nothing is going to stop me from staying here at the moment. So what if I can't complete enough credits to transfer back home, it'll all work out, says the voice in the back of my head who still thinks ignorance is bliss.

I also managed to score a job at this super cool boutique-y shop right next door to my house, as did my boyfriend at an equally as cool coffee roastery. Speaking of him - he's been here two weeks now and settled in pretty quickly. Its much more fun heading to the veggie markets with someone slightly more cooking inclined than myself. It's been a blast so far, and I couldn't imagine spending my time in Berlin with anyone else but him (sappy-ness ends there). We're thinking of trying to stay here for the year, it's easy for him being British, but my Australian blood doesn't get me too far. But again, it'll all work out...