December 28, 2012

Backyard Barbeques


2012 Christmas

I hope that all your Christmas' were filled with plenty of yummy food, good conversation and heaps and heaps of wrapping paper on the floor. Here's how I spent mine...

December 24, 2012

Hunt Leather VIP Night

DSC_0853DSC_0855DSC_0846DSC_0838DSC_0825DSC_0847 My work, Hunt Leather, had a VIP special event night a couple of weeks ago for some of our special customers. It was a cool night, with my boss(es) Sophie & Betty making the trip over from Sydney for it! My shop has really lovely little leather goods from all around the world, and it's been frantically busy before Christmas. I have been working near 40 hour weeks for the past five weeks and finally the day has come that I can have a couple of days off, rest and eat a lot of yummy delicious food. Yay! I can't wait! Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and receive all the presents you asked for :)

December 11, 2012

These are some snaps from a photography night a while back.

In other news....

1. I bought a Practika film camera a couple of weeks ago and have yet to use it! Practikas are camera's that were made during the 70s in East Germany and I decided to buy one after browsing through the lovely flickr group dedicated to Practikas. I decided on the MTL3 as it was the easiest to find. I'm a little scared because my Nikon f60 film SLR was made in 2004 and therefore everything is kinda done automatically for me (focusing, auto settings, exposure, even winding the film!) Although I guess that takes half the fun out of having a film camera! New things to learn, and experiment with this summer I guess.
2. It's holidays! That means a whole summer of; skating, beaching, swimming, lazying, television watching, drinking, cooking, baking, reading, running. Photos to come!
3. I've been buying some really cool things recently, including one of Longchamps new Cuir bags, a pair of snug tight Levi's black skinny high waist-ed jeans, heaps of Gorman prints and some more Swedish has-beens. Classic staples that will get me through the lovely summer heat

More images to come from events of past...