February 08, 2016

house of small wonders

P1170047 P1170051 P1170054 P1170063P1170066P1170068 House of Small Wonders, Berlin

These snaps are from a cool Japanese cafe in Mitte with super good breakfasts'. My only complaint was when I asked for a double shot latte, they gave me this massive coffee, the size of one of those gross Starbucks Venti cups. Anyways...

I'm still without internet, which is starting to bug me a little bit considering there is no data connection in my apartment. In its absence, I have binge watched all of Making a Murderer, Narco's & Gotham in two weeks, finished Lena Dunham's Bio and studied a lot of German. Hopefully it is installed today, because living alone is lonely enough without the whole of the interwebs to keep me company. When it is installed, I hope to update here 3x a week. I've just finished a month of my German classes, with two more months to go. I've been able to practice my German a little bit more because my friend group now consists of an amalgamation of several nationalities, where our only mutual language is German. Conversation is fun, and it helps me speak quickly. Its still a shame that my German won't ever be as good as my French, purely because I speak so much English here, but then again, it's much nicer being understood and being able to chat to people.

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