June 17, 2014

This will all make perfect sense someday.

C004618-R1-33-34_1 Remember when you had all those dreams and ambitions about the world? When this blog was a bleeding diary yearning to experience all of Gods graces. Of course, you weren't aware of God's graces when at the peek of updating but I have since realised that that is what you were creating. A board full of all the glorious things this world is offering. You were a dreamer, where opportunities were endless. Where did that go? How did comfort set in? The monotonous phrasing of Radiohead in Fitter Happier scared you into a life of love and imagination until the raw age of nineteen. Then, the lyrics became a reality. Fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable. I remember when you used to challenge yourself and every day was a day to learn and read and cherish. You can be that person again, this time with God in your heart. You can be free from your sins, because God saved you and you can trust in him that everything will be okay. It doesn't have to be a scary place anymore. It can just be beautiful. And you can look forward to the world you were meant for.
C004618-R3-33-34_1 MoMA courtyard in NYC