January 19, 2015


C002708-R1-14-14C002708-R1-13-13 Townhouses in Richmond Melbourne, November 2014

Melbourne, why you so pretty. I think I'll call you home in a couple of years time.

January 16, 2015

Twenty Twenty Plan

C001870-R1-13-14A_1C001870-R1-12-13A_1C001870-R1-10-11A_1C001870-R1-09-10A_1C001870-R1-08-9A_1C001870-R1-07-8A_1 Chill times in Toodyay, September 2014

My mind is currently occupied with all the possibilities that this world has to offer, all the places I could live and all the cultures to indulge in. I keep forgetting that these possibilities could become all-to-real with just a little bit of planning of the years to come. Five years ago, I was living in Bordeaux, France. I wasn't sure what I wanted to study, or what studying at university looked like. I had never been loved. I was eager to explore, but unsure of where to start. After five years, I have finished an undergraduate degree, learnt French, worked in the same retail store, finished a year of postgraduate law, done several internships, travelled to Thailand, Singapore, Japan, America, around Europe and Australia, had love and lost it, been kinder to myself and moved out of home. I'm amazed by everything that those five years have brought me, but also looking forward to the next five. So, here's what they are looking like for me at the moment:

February - Paris
March to June - First semester of my second year postgraduate study
July - Camping around either Tasmania or New Zealand
August to November - Second semester

January to July - Semester abroad in Stockholm or Berlin followed by travel
August to November - Second semester of my third year
December - Should probably do a clerkship of some sort

March to June - Finish off the remaining units of my degree
September 2017 to September 2018 - A year abroad teaching English in Japan

September to December - Hopefully by now I have figured out where I'd like to live and work,
and spend these months planning for whatever this may be

Finally start real work in a fancy law office/government agency/production agency/none of the above

So let's get started - I go to Paris next Sunday.

January 14, 2015


C828242-R3-27-1 A small cafe in Kyoto, July 2014

I've resorted to the lazy blogging sphere also known as Tumblr. It's pretty great for passing the time and for inspiration but doesn't force me to write and publish my photographs like I do on here. This year I'm writing for my universities student paper, The Pelican, mainly in the film section (because it's the easiest and you get to go watch the films for free!). I just finished a review of 'Jimmy's Hall', a Ken Loach film set just about the Irish civil war. I didn't really like it too much, so I won't bore you with the details but having outlets to write again about subjects I'm passionate about is a pretty great feeling.

January 12, 2015

happy new year

C828242-R8-06-18C828242-R8-02-22C828242-R8-01-23 Around Shibuya, July 2014

I should write something about it being the new year, but for some reason I'm feeling very apathetic about it all.

January 04, 2015

Tokyo Imperial Palace Gardens

C828242-R9-10-14C828242-R9-08-16C828242-R9-06-18C828242-R9-05-19C828242-R9-04-20C828242-R9-01-23C828242-R9-00-24 Tokyo Imperial Palace Gardens, July 2014