March 07, 2013

C002270-R1-13-14C002270-R1-14-15 My boyfriend's family fostered little kittens for a couple of weeks in November. They were the cutest and most adorable things I've ever seen!

March 06, 2013


C002270-R1-27-28C002270-R1-26-27C002270-R1-25-26 Very belated photos from a Chirstmas Crafternoon at my favourite person, Jen's house (pictured), back in December.

I've spent the past three weeks studying in Singapore and I'm finally ready to go home. Well actually, a part of me has been ready for a while. I'm here for an intensive Film & Television Production course for my Communications degree back home. The department here is fantastic, with proper HD cameras and a full professional quality television studio. It has been a fantastic experience, but the days have been long and full and we really have been thrown in the deep end. Well, that would be putting it generously- I would describe it more like, being thrown in the deep end where there are sharks, the water is murky and the depth is unknown. On the other hand, however, my peers here have been fantastic company and despite living in crappy on-campus apartments we have all made wonderful memories. Oh, and the weekends were pretty shopping filled to- those are posts to come.