May 26, 2013

Singapore and Six Month Reflections

C003182-R1-15-16C003182-R1-16-17C003182-R1-17-18C003182-R1-19-20C003182-R1-18-19C003182-R1-22-23C003182-R1-20-21C003182-R1-21-22 Hello All. Yes I know I said I'd update more. I know I said I'll take more photos. I know I made a whole list of new years goals that haven't been kept. I know that I said I would study more, and try harder, and be a nicer person. But that's okay, I'm going to pick myself up and try again. That's the way it's supposed to go, right? Well, that's what I'm going to do.

So, in short, this semester has been a bit of a write off. My grades have fallen, my attention to detail has slipped and my efforts to be kind to myself and others hasn't improved. The only reason why I feel like I'm writing now is because I'm trapped in the library with a paper due tomorrow that is worth half my grade. I've been so preoccupied with what I'm going to do next year that I have completely neglected the current. The options are as follows: Postgraduate Law, a Masters in Management, Communication Honours, Masters in Film Production, full time work or to move away for a year. Next year is essentially a year of specialisation in a field that I'm still not aware of.

These photos were taken back when I was in Singapore, a whole three months ago now. The trip reinvigorated me to follow my passion of Film Production, however now I'm not so sure. Maybe it's going back to the day to day world of classes thats crippled what I think I am capable of. In four weeks I will be off to NYC for a month, with week trips to Boston and Washington DC. Hopefully time alone to reflect, take more pictures and read will help me make my decision. But for now, I have to force myself to think about the next twenty-four hours which will be loaded with coffee and essay writing.