July 29, 2010


We're back! Eating asian food, taking photographs, drinking bubble tea, watching cute little indie flicks at Paradiso, walking around the streets of Perth doing nothing all day.

July 28, 2010

Jusqu'à Toi

(screencaps via Mélanie Laurent)

You know i'm a sucker for indie romance flicks. Put them in French and you pretty much have me before the previews even start rolling. So Jusqu'à Toi (English title; Every Jack has a Jill) practically had me in love before I even rocked up to Luna Paradiso today. Then the opening song by Kate Nash came on, coupled with the knowledge that one of my favourite French actress' Mélanie Laurent would be coming on screen very soon and after that it wasn't just love- i'm not exactly sure if there is a word to describe it, but it was some sort of deep love. Mélanie Laurent's character Chloé was absolutely adorable- a good mix of innocent dreamer however cynical about reality. The story follows an American man who looses his suitcase whilst on a trip that he won to Paris. Chloé, a French girl on a business trip from Brussels, ends up with the bag, goes through his things and slowly imagines the man of her dreams based on his possesions. And then they happen to fall in love. Deluded? Probably. Unrealistic? Yes. But that's the story. And it is completely adorable. Oh and they just happen to meetup in my favourite place in the entire world- the steps of Sacré Cœur.

July 26, 2010

Every Jack has a Jill

seeing this film tomorrow, so excited!
So, that's that! 6 months worth of European adventures are now finished, and remain a very very sweet memory. Now it's time for Perth life, university and growing up. I have a to do list as long as the bible right about now, the first thing on that list is to get my job at Tiffany & Co. back. Hopefully they're in need of people, if not i'll be on the search for a part-time retail position in the city! I have about 6 months to figure out everything now, my head is a little bit straighter after being away for so long. I miss France more than anything, however I know that a return is not that far in the future.

Paris; YSL

DSC_0052 1DSC_0053 1DSC_0056 1DSC_0088 1

Last full day in Paris was the 20th of July, in where my sister and I headed to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at the Petit Palais. It displayed the history of all of YSL's work, he's initial work under Christian Dior and then his solo work. It was here that I ran into a friend of mine from Bordeaux, a lovely surprise! For the rest of the afternoon we chilled around Paris, and I walked around the Latin Quarter for about 3 hours just taking in my final few moments of France before the return...

Paris; Monematre (encore)

DSC_0010 1DSC_0017DSC_0021DSC_0045 1

The next day was shopping day! I bought a pair of gorgeous Stuart Weitzman heels aswell as some American Apparell stuff. We visited the infamous Galeries Lafayette and then headed to my favourite place in the entire world for dinner; Montmartre (which I did mention a few blog posts ago when I was there with my EuroTour group).

Paris; Pompidou


The next day we visited the Musée Pompidou which was amazing! The exterior is pretty interesting one aswell, and has been disputed as one of the ugliest designs to ever exist. However, that's art for you I guess. If you're more of a fan of modern art the Pompidou is the place for you! Unfortunatly snaps couldn't be taken inside the Museum, so I could only grab outside shots. But, viola!

Paris; Pont Des Arts


The second night in Paris we went to have drinks on the Ponts des Arts, which is a pedestrian bridge which crosses the Seine river. The locks that feature all along the bridge are a symbol from the French film by the same name. Couples often come to the Pont des Arts with their initials engraved onto the locks, in where they lock the lock onto the bridge and throw the key into the Seine. The Pont des Arts is a popular place for tourists and locals to drink and have a small picnic (the French love their picnics) It's a pretty cool place to hang out and have a beer or two with friends. There's often buskers that also feature, which adds extra ambience to the bride. Afterwards we made our way to the 9eme arr. to a Parisian club called Generation which played 80's and 90's hits. It was pretty cool, but I was exhausted and not much of a clubber so headed of before my siblings.

July 23, 2010

"Oh, but anyway, Toto, we're home. Home! And this is my room, and you're all here. And I'm not gonna leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all, and - oh, Pika Zissou Twins Rosiemary Kengle Simon Gandrew - there's no place like home!"

July 21, 2010


(eva wears; marc by marc jacobs cardigan, topshop clowneck blouse, gap shorts and silk green scarf. jade wears; marc by marc jacobs ribbon in hair, h&m blouse and calvin klein jacket)

That night was then celebrated by one too many beers and vodka red bulls at two of London's biggest clubs, Fabric and then Tiger Tiger. Unfortunately it was a Wednesday night so both of them were fairly quiet, however after the amount of alcohol I had consumed anything was fun! The next day was spent sleeping and consuming the same quantity of water... However my sister dragged me out of bed to do some shopping. We visited Liberty, which is the most amazing department store that I have ever ventured into. If you're ever in London it definitly must be visited. A few goodies were purchased there, which i'll take snaps of when I'm back home (2 sleeps now!)

Then it was PARIS. For the third time this year ^^ We took the Eurostar over to France's capital, arriving about 5 in the afternoon. We grabbed a bite for dinner, and my sister and I decided to get dressed up, walk the streets of Paris and get a drink. We walked through the 6eme arrondissement, stopping to take some snaps along the river Seine and the Ponts des Arts.