August 25, 2015


F1020007F1020008F1020009F1020010 The Church Ruins at Port Arthur Tasmania, June 2015

So after about a year and a half of planning (along with a crazy amount of hoping and wishing), I finally received my acceptance email for Semester 1 2016 exchange to Humboldt University in Berlin. I was overly ecstatic, which very quickly turned into scared and slighted daunted - but all in the best way possible. My semester doesn't begin until late April, with an optional month of language class in March (which I will more than likely take up), but I now have so much to plan and do before I leave in (hopefully) early January. My to do list at the moment includes, saving money, buying a new laptop, moving my stuff back into one of my parents houses, sorting out all my stuff and figuring out what I'll need to take with me, research and apply for dorms, learn atleast a little bit of German, and the list goes on and on. I have the option to stay there until the end of the year (if I decide to defer second semester in 2016) which is very tempting at the moment, to be able to really indulge in the European lifestyle - but it all really depends on visas, money, time and how homesick I will get when I'm overseas (having said that, I have always regretted not staying the year when I lived in Bordeaux). Anyways, so many things to do!

August 17, 2015

but the monsters turned out to be just trees

F1030019F1030018F1030017F1030016F1030015 Mount Field National Park Tasmania, June 2015

August 03, 2015