June 11, 2015

almost there...

C003282-R1-29-29 Overlooking Lyon, February 2015

I've been spending my days in the library since Monday not doing much study, and instead researching all the different hikes I can do while in Tasmania, and what equipment etc I'll need to do it. Sigh. All the pictures on the interwebs just look so lovely, and I can't wait to drive an hour out of Hobart listening to podcasts about the roman empire while surrounded by nature and away from everything here, and hike to the top of a mountain where it will be snowing and freezing but beautiful and the air will smell so crisp. I also keep searching for a piano teacher that will teach adults because the other day one of my favourite piano pieces came up on shuffle and I realised how much I miss playing and it would be great to play again, even if its just for me.

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