June 18, 2015

why do I keep changing my mind

C003281-R1-20-20C003281-R1-22-22C003281-R1-19-19 Wandering around the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens, February 2015

Exam finished on Monday, phew, and I celebrated by catching the red eye flight to Melbourne that evening which is where I've been the past couple of days. I love Melbourne for many reasons, but mainly because I feel at home here - it gets me wondering if instead of moving halfway across the world to Berlin or Tokyo or Paris to a completely different culture and language, that I should just move here instead. It would be easier for multiple reasons - I already have a network of friends, its different enough to Perth without being a completely new country, my law degree wouldn't be a complete waste of three years and its close enough to home that I could visit my family on a regular basis. I have been thinking that maybe I shouldn't go on exchange next year, finish my degree in a year and a half and then apply for jobs here. There are just so many cool things to do in the world, and I'm torn between all of them.

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