June 09, 2015


C003281-R1-12-12C003281-R1-11-11C003281-R1-10-10C003281-R1-09-9C003281-R1-08-8C003281-R1-07-7 Assistens Cemetery, Copenhagen February 2014

Its exam season. Luckily I'm already two done, with one to go in a whole week (plus its my favourite subject - admin law). This time 'round it hasn't been as terrible as the previous two semesters, although last week did see a couple of 8am-12pm library days. But its the home stretch now. As stressful as the whole process has been, it has probably been the happiest I've been all semester. All my worries about everything else just seems so insignificant. Theres something about really indulging in something that is super interesting, and although the cases sometimes take a good hour to even understand what the judges mean, its logical and satisfying to finish. Now I have to make sure that I don't get lazy about the last one and continue clocking along, then its Melbourne and Tasmania time!

Ps. these photographs are from my first day arriving in Copenhagen. I decided to walk around near my friends dormitory and stumbled across it, not realising that it was quite famous (and held the graves of Søren Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Anderson). Copenhagen is truly one of the prettiest cities around, there is something super quaint about it, and all the architecture is a nice break from the ostentatious nature of a lot of the other places in Europe.

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