May 26, 2015

twelve kilometres

C003282-R1-10-10C003282-R1-09-9 The Front Courtyard of the Palais de Versailles, January 2015

I ran 12km on Sunday! I was pretty stoked to actually just finish it without walking a single step, even though at times I'm sure my running pace was slower than my walking one. I managed to finish it (according to my Nike app) at about 1hr 19mins, which was an average pace of 6'30" per km - my goal was to beat the category B cut off time (1hr 25min) so I was happy with that. My next goal is to run the City to Surf in late August, hopefully in 1 hour 10 minutes or less (average pace just under 6 min/km), which is going to require a bit more training this time round, but I'm hopefully going to do some the WA Marathon Club fun runs, as well as up the ante on boxing classes and riding to university.

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