October 04, 2014

Toodyay and other things

C001068-R1-25-11 Toodyay, October 2014

Alas, my one week break from university is coming to a close and I'm not really looking forward to returning. It's been a pretty packed week with work, catching up with friends, having people around to see my new house and a quick trip up to Toodyay for a night (see above picture, with more to come!). I was allocated my exam timetable on Friday and it looks like its going to be a pretty horrendous five weeks til the end of semester - I have four exams in the first four days. But, if I could make it through last exam period scatheless then I can pretty much get through anything. Atleast I'm all over by the 12th of November, and then I might make a quick trip to see friends in Melbourne. I have some other big things to sort out before the year is out. I'm just about to submit my exchange application and I'm torn between leaving in June next year or the following January. It would be nice to leave early, but I do feel as though I've just settled into my new place and it would be too soon to leave again.

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