October 20, 2014


C001018-R1-02-3C001018-R1-03-4C001018-R1-04-5 Walking along the Shijo-Dori in Kyoto, July 2014

For some reason this week everything seemed harder than what it was supposed to be - a lovely dinner with friends, a small mooting assignment and a couple of days in the library turned into me stressing at every corner. I guess its the crushing weight of three weeks until exams, but it seemed more than that. As if everything was falling in, even though it wasn't. The person that I become when I'm anxious isn't one that I admire - callous words blurted out, obnoxious behaviour throughout dinner - it always seems to be a spinning circle of stress, attempting to pretend everything is fine by either drinking too much or speaking excessively about people/things/life (or often both), then consequent anxeity of my actions whilst stressed. My goal for the next couple of weeks is just to let all this go, to forgive for doing silly things that everyone does once in a while and to channel all that useless energy into finishing exams. Then Melbourne, Summer and plenty more.

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