July 28, 2014

New Semester

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I started my first day of my second semester studying Law today. I was pretty excited to begin my readings and learn about all the new things my course has to offer. This semester looks pretty good - the highlights being Legal Theory and Australian Public Law (which is essentially the laws governing what the government can do). Other than the actual content of my course, I'm also excited to get back into routine. I'm moving out in a couple of weeks, so it will undoubtedly change when that happens, but nevertheless I have begun riding to university, stopping off at my favourite coffee shop to sit and write every morning. It's a nice little ritual I have going and allows me time to reflect on my choices and my day. It also allows me to sip slowly my new obsession - filter coffee. Since coming home from Japan I have opted for the lighter alternative which is better enjoyed over longer periods of time. Let's hope that the trials of semester doesn't ruin it.

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