July 29, 2014


C008494-R1-05-6 C008494-R1-00-1 C008494-R1-09-10 C008494-R1-10-11 C008494-R1-16-17 C008494-R1-17-18 C008494-R1-11-12 C008494-R1-18-19 C008494-R1-20-21 C008494-R1-21-22 C008494-R1-23-24 C828242-R8-23-1 C008494-R1-22-23 C828242-R8-19-5 C828242-R8-22-2 C828242-R8-16-8 C828242-R8-17-7 St Matthews Church, Shenton Park & City Farm, East Perth 12th April 2014

These are some photographs that were taken at my friends, Jen & Nic's, wedding back in April. It was a lovely and very down to earth ceremony, with all the women along with the bride walking up from the park to meet the groom at the St Matthews Church in Shenton Park. The reception was at City Farm in East Perth which was decorated with lovely lights strung over long canteen tables for the guests.

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