July 22, 2014

The Williamsburg Waterfront

C004618-R3-27-28_1C004618-R3-28-29_1 The Williamsburg Waterfront NYC July 2013

This day was pretty great - I remember catching the train to the Williamsburg markets and stopping off at a super cool shoe store on the way where everything was half the price of what it sells for in Australia. Once we finally reached the markets, it was scorching hot and looking at all the cool market things was a little difficult in the heat. Once we were utterly exhausted and ready to go home, we looked across the river and noticed the awesome New York skyline. It was a pretty surreal 'we're actually in NYC' moment. I also received some lovely earrings from this chap. All in all, I can't really remember how terrible the dying heat was - just that it was terrible - but I do remember being very happy with many things.

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