September 20, 2011

Pretty much the two greatest people in my life.

IMG_0056IMG_0057 Viv, Sarah and myself on the streets of Melbourne.

I'm in the process of designing and producing an online portfolio for my communications unit. It's a rather simple task, in terms of design, and I pretty much have my blueprint down pact. However several problems are arising with Dreamweaver and the logistics of it all. I've never used it before and it's so different to just basic design work on Photoshop. It's so difficult to literally just place text on a particular part of the page, or to have a header or whatnot. I'm considering copying a template html (like what I have with blogspot), or even just writing my entire html code myself. The first option seems like a little bit of a cop out and the second one sounds way more tedious and time consuming. Argh, my website design is pretty much exactly like the layout of this blog but it's a million times harder to achieve on Dreamweaver. Looks like I'll be mucking around with this thing all night.

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