September 18, 2011


I didn't have my camera on my so these phone pictures of the scrumptious food at my favourite café, Venn, will have to do. So yeah, Saturday, again worked my usual shift and had another date however this time with Viv. We discussed more future plans of ours, including the idea that she might move to Korea for a year after she graduates to learn and eventually teach Korean. If she does, I'll probably go over as well for 2-3 months during my break and explore the country. Saturday night, babysat and then went around to a friends house for midnight making of florentines and watching Archer-- which is my new favourite television show btws.

This morning I planned on working again, however received a call from a friend of mine two hours into my shift concerning swing dancing lessons. Swing dancing is something I've wanted to do for about the past three years now, so it was too good of an opportunity to pass out. I skipped out of work, and had a lovely afternoon learning the basic swing dancing steps. The music was wonderful aswell, and i've now spent the past hour assembling a whole pile of classic jazz, swing and soul pieces from the twenties right through to the sixties. So much goodness!