September 18, 2011

Fridays, Ballet & Il Bisonte


This weekend was incredibly exhausting and filled despite sticking to my non-drinking rule, which hasn't, in the slightest, been a difficult task. I frantically handed in my History paper on Friday, 200 words over the limit and severely lacking in adequate research. Had my weekly lunch date with Sarah at Venn in the city, which was lovely to chat about university and whatnot. Friday afternoon I worked my usual shift at Hunt Leather, in where I finally decided to indulge in some luxury leather goodness from my favourite designer in the store, Il Bisonte. I purchased a watch, which has been on my mind since it came in, and secondly a leather pouch which I'll probably end up using as a clutch for nighttime or just general papers and whatnot. Il Bisonte products are all hand-made in Florence, Italy from natural Spanish leather that is designed to patina over a period of time. Pretty much this means the colour of the leather in the picture will, in about 5 months, turn to a very lovely honey colour as it reacts with the environment around it.

Friday evening my mother treated an old friend of mine, Ronan, and myself to tickets to the West Australian Ballets performance of Taming of the Shrew at His Majesty's Theatre. Despite being a highly anti-feminist play, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The costuming was fantastic, as well as the two leads maintaining very hilarious roles incredibly well.