August 04, 2011

Melbourne; Day One


Sooo Melbourne! In the beginning weeks of the Uni holidays I went to Melbourne with my two best friends Sarah and Viv. It was amazing awesome fun, we did nothing but take photobooth photos, drink warm cider, make lame that's what she said jokes, eat plenty of Japanese food and shop. Melbourne is one of the prettiest cities I think I've ever visited, it doesn't have the same amount of history that many of the European cities have, however it makes up for it in atmosphere. The abundance of caf├ęs and laneways is amazing, and we managed to find new places to venture within the city every day. Sarah and I flew in the day after Viv and went straight to the QVB markets (see snaps) as we were waiting for Viv to come from a friends house just south of Melbourne. More snaps to come!

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