August 05, 2011

Rocket Science


"Resolved: that Hal Hefner should really stop letting the world tell him what's possible and try to find out for himself. Maybe that's just a life's philosophy suited only to some of us, those who cherish winning. So maybe it's not for you. But I think it is."
A film filled with awkward high school kissing scenes and debate tournaments was definitely one that I knew I was going to not only enjoy but love. Written and directed by Jeffry Blitz conceived on the basis of a fictional equivalent to the documentary Spellbound, Rocket Science captures the clumsy first moments of teenagedom, following a 15-year-old stutterer who decides to join the debate team after being asked by it's star member. I pretty much just loved the way the film summed up awkwardness in one single kiss-- which was one of the most excruciating scenes to watch. It's coming of age plotline was one that we've all seen before-- boy falls in love with girl, gets his heartbroken etc. However it's blunt, square cinematography as well as uncomfortably long shots made the film so much more than a typical teenage high school drama. It conveyed a sense of modern eloquence in the dealings of mundane coming of age issues, amongst the likes of Rushmore and Juno. Ahh this film has to be up there with one of the classic high school dramas made. I'm tired and ceebs writing eloquently, but in short, if you're a fan of the awkward teenage melodrama; watch it!

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