July 31, 2011

Seventies Pads


Argh for some reason the vignetting on these snaps turned out excessive and quite horrible but I loved this house so I wanted to post them anyways. It's a family friends house of ours that is just in the north of Perth, it has the most lovely 60's feel to it. I want my house to look something like this when I grow up!

Uni goes back not tomorrow but the next day. I'm quite excited for this as I feel I've gone into a bit of an intellectual slump. Also, I get to see all my friends at Uni that I don't generally see in the holidays! I'm 150 pages down into Submarine and finding it hilarious. I really wish I read it when I was a little bit younger as the awkward moments in the book would have related very well to my 15 year old self, but alas I guess I'm still an awkward weird girl now.

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