May 29, 2010

but what if I did?

Photo 299
(1. screencap from atonement 2. me using holga 3. photobooth)

I actually have no time to do anything anymore, which includes blogging. It was a year since I started this blog on the 24th of May, I didn't forget, I just literally didn't have time to make a post. I visited the castles last weekend and took over 300 photos that I haven't had any time to even sort through yet, let alone upload. It's only 3 weeks left in France however, so I'm really trying to milk everything til there's nothing left- so maybe putting this blog on hold for a little bit is a good thing. Conversation is starting to become almost fluent, theres a few small mistakes I make (like genders & my shocking french accent) that hold me back, I will no way be fluent by time I get home but i'm trying my hardest to atleast be decent. I'm going to a party tonight, there wasn't originally theme only that we have to wear masks. However, slowly everyone decided to dress up, and it turned into a full out dress up party. I bought this uber cool mask (see picture 3) and I have this cute lolita style dress that usually isn't my style but I love it. I'm going as one of the dancers from Moulin Rouge, my friend Shinae lent me a cute little tophat with feathers that matches absolutely perfectly. I'm really hesative to take my nikon camera, as much as i'd like to get some decent snaps. I might just work with film & my shotty canon point & shoot for tonight. warning now; I probably won't blog at all for the month (23rd June-23rd July) that i'm travelling. However, afterwards i'll probably have a bazillion and one images of my travels, the month of August will be a busy one with parties, returning to perth life and all my pictures to sort through and upload.

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  1. i'll miss you
    but seriously
    good decision darling GOOOOOO LIIIVVVEEE <3