June 03, 2010



My friends in France are amazing. Never did I believe that I would become this attached to a group of people in less than 5 months, and never did I think that a group of people would know me so well so quickly. The 1st of June was my 18th birthday, which I was terribly sad to not be spending it with my friends back home, however at the same time like I said, my friends here are amazing. We had two parties, one in sport class and one in english class. And they got me possibly the best present in the world- a whole pile of different colored ribbons. Anyone who knows me well knows that I will, no doubt, always have a ribbon in my hair (I think it's from the good old days at my strict private all girls school were if you didn't get a ribbon you got a detention...) and looks like my friends here have caught up on that fact aswell. Anyways, I had an amazing 18th birthday and am now officially legal to do anything! (well, except rape)


  1. Yeaaaah for being 18 and for ribbons!!

  2. AWWW!!!! What a beautiful present!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!

  3. rape is always legal.. gosh what century are you living in!.. xD yea you still love me nad ella and joe and ben more... or yo ucan't sit with us anymore and will be the social reject who bums around and does NOTHING! :D love viv