May 17, 2010

lolita chic


If I could buy everything in this store, I totally would. However, considering I'm already way over budget and still have 2 months before I get home I opted for this cute little white chemise with a blue bow. My friend also showed me the COOLEST vintage store that i've ever seen. It's like real vintage, not just donated stuff that you find in Good Sammys. There's this mustard Cacharel blazer circa 1980s that i've got my eye on aswell as several Hermes scarfs. I considered diving in a buying my first Chanel, however at 900€ (second hand!) I don't think i'm quite there just yet. But, I must go back and check out some more of their clutches and costume jewelry before I jet off in 5 weeks time. I've decided to do a mass post in July/August on everything that i've purchased in Bordeaux because it's too diffilcult to do it now. My room isn't a very nice place to take snaps (the walls are a salmon pink, and certainly don't compliment the clothes at all) and if I venture into the city I have no one to take snaps (damn vivienne, I really should've taken you up on the offer of bringing you in my suitcase).

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  1. You could come to my place and take pictures. The walls are white... though there are some kooky paintings hanging on my walls that I'm not sure if I like or despise at this point. xD