February 26, 2010

Paris: 02.21


Ofcourse, I had to take a photograph of my workplace in Paris. It was closed, I felt like going in though and seeing how similar it was to the Perth store. We walked from the Academie Nationale de Musique around Paris for a while, and then settled and had a picnic lunch in the park. We then walked the Champs-Élysées. All the pictures I took though were fairly stock-standard, so I deleted them. And ofcourse, landed at the Arc de triumph. We then headed over to the Eiffel Tower, after stopping at a small café. My photo's of the Eiffel Tower, again, were pretty conventional so I don't really feel like publishing. About 15km later, we were absolutely buggered and headed home for the day. And that was Day One in Paris.

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