February 26, 2010

Paris: 02.22 Lourve

(source; me)
"Arthur said they'd wait for night to do the job, out of respect for second-rate thrillers. How do we kill all that time? asked Odile. Franz had read about an American who'd done the Louvre in nine minutes 45 seconds. They'd do better. Arthur, Franz and Odile beat Jimmy Johnson by two seconds."
~ Bande à Part

Anyone recognise where the last three pictures are from? Yup, the infamous scene in Godard's Bande à Part where Arthur, Franz and Odile run through the Lourve in nine minutes and 43 seconds. As soon as I walked into the room, I immediatly recognised it. I had completely forgotten about the scene, and it was so surreal standing in a place where Godard himself had filmed that scene! The Lourve was so incredibly massive, and I trawled the building with my good friend Sarah from Perth. We didn't get around to seeing everything that needed to be seen. Next time, next time. I did however see the Mona Lisa, just for kicks. The amount of people with SLR's taking pictures is amazing, I think I was more amazed by that then the actual painting. It's really just amazing how many paintings, sculptures and pieces of art are housed in this one museum.

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  1. It's mind boggling thinking about how it's so massive and houses so many masterpieces of art dating back to ancient times... ahhh, lovely lovely lovely pictures :)