April 08, 2015

saved by grace alone

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For the past month everything seemed really bad for some reason - like it was a struggle convincing myself to do things, and to be passionate about the things I love. I recognised all the symptoms of being in a slump, and attempted to cure it (eg. going for a run, giving myself a day from uni, seeing friends) but some days were just harder to deal with than others. One day I went to my usual boxing class, but my whole body felt weak and unable to cope with doing simple weight routines. Suddenly, a simple conversation with a friend expressing all these feelings of worthlessness, a fear of not being wanted, the apprehensiveness towards continuing with life, coupled with some of tears made everything that much better. In an instant, I went from finding every step difficult to take to realising that I am saved through grace not works, and that I'm not alone. I feel so grateful to have such wonderful mentors in my life.

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