March 27, 2015

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

 photo 1b0cbf2a-3fb4-43cc-a688-3def375d05cc_zpshgwyj9fj.jpg Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter Screenshot

Kumiko is a terribly endearing, tragic yet beautiful film about a lonely twenty-something Japanese girl who travels to Minnesota from her dead end office job in Tokyo to find the 'treasure' buried at the end of Fargo. The plotline is undoubtedly bizarre but directors Nathan & David Zellner pull it off through a combination of beautiful cinematography, acting and score coupled with a surprisingly hilarious script filled with plenty of language barrier awkward moments. My favourite of which is when the clueless local police officer drives Kumiko to a local Chinese restaurant in an attempt to communicate with her. Overall, a haunting film that has quickly become one of my favourites.

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