September 21, 2014

Just one more week

C828242-R4-04-23A C828242-R4-03-24A Shibuya Train Station, Tokyo July 2014

My body seems to have taken a wee little bit of a break from the semester, a week too early. Its been a busy past couple of weeks with classes, assignments, moving out, general social commitments etc and it would be nice just to have a couple of days to do nothing without that constant nagging feeling that you should be doing something else. Over the break I intended to do a spring intensive French course, but funds are running low and there are other house-type things that I need to buy before indulging in extras. Its a shame because I was really looking forward to it. It looks like I'll have to spend the days doing non-money related activities like cleaning out my wardrobe, reading, running and taking some lovely snaps of my new hood. Anyways, I should be getting back (slash starting) my final assignment before the semester goes on break.

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