September 27, 2014


C828242-R5-21-3C828242-R5-22-2 My friend Ella and I outside a Tokyo cafe, July 2014

It's the break, finally. What a week it has been - the last couple of days have been the most stressful in a while but my assignment got finished at last! Today, I spent a lovely day relaxing at my friends David and Lauren's house for a little house cafe that they organised. It was nice to feel slightly normal again and realise that there's life outside of the library. I'm having a little housewarming on Monday to celebrate my moving-out-of-home, which is exciting but also I'm freaking out a little bit as to what to provide and organise for it (and also how much of the house has to be cleaned!). I'm thinking some tea, punch and soft drink coupled with some baked goods and chips and dips for the daytime. Then possibly some red wine that I'll snatch from home, G&Ts and some beers will do the trick. A trip to the local farmers markets to buy some supplies for it will be a nice Sunday morning well spent.

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