July 03, 2014

The Broken Circle Breakdown

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Filled with heartache, love and the sincerest of emotions, The Broken Circle Breakdown threads together the tumultuous relationship of bluegrass musicians Elise and Didier over several years. It begins with the revelation that their seven-year-old daughter has a terminal illness then flashes back to the early days of their love filled with excitement and romance. Implicit throughout the film is an underlying philosophical difference between the two characters – Didier believes death is the end of life forever, whereas Elise has hope for the future. The difference comes to a head with the almost certain fate of their child. The film begs an answer to the question of whether the circle will be broken, an adage to the 1907 Christian Folk Hymn sung very early in the film by the two main leads. In the end it raises more questions than answers but nevertheless is not afraid to confront it's audience with difficult scenarios by means of excellent filmmaking.

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