January 09, 2014

Frances Ha

 photo 927b62a3-8940-45af-afdc-75856a2fe35a_zps070dbc55.jpg photo 0c9bf11e-759d-41bf-b7da-e97ddef95451_zps63293533.jpg photo c49b1408-d67f-4a72-87eb-3e4d2fa4f3c3_zps18c92a44.png photo Frances-Ha-Film-still_2_zpseb6bc481.jpg photo 5cb30477-4bc8-4ca0-8da6-9a542b70a506_zps30597bb1.jpg
Heres some screencaps from the very sensitive and loving film Frances Ha that I saw over a month ago at Perth's Rooftop Cinemas. It follows Frances, played by the ever endearing Greta Gerwig, and her life in New York City with dreams that are ever so slowly being crushed by reality. The narrative tends to drift throughout the film, but I like to think thats the charm of it. It's measured and doesn't try to do anything too outrageous- it's just a moment in time, a moment we've all felt.

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