September 04, 2012

Subiaco Portraiture Night

DSC_0627DSC_0465DSC_0463DSC_0617DSC_0372DSC_0354DSC_0351DSC_0350 I keep planning on updating this blog at least twice a week, but once again life gets in the way and time move forwards without me even noticing. Working thirty hour weeks is becoming a drag, except for the paycheck of course. I guess it keeps me occupied and my mind docked at bay. My studies, on the other hand, are also becoming a bit of a drag. This poses a problem, as I've always asserted my love of learning and knowledge and reading and understanding and everything associated with studying an arts degree. Its essentially all the fun bits about university in one degree. Lately I guess I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut- a cycle of not studying enough, thus falling behind which is making even the thought of uni leave a cramp in my stomach. I'm trying to break it though. Fingers Crossed.

Ps. These snaps are from my second Subiaco night walk. This month it was a portraiture lesson held in The Little Pantry Café on Nicholson Road. I'll upload some of the snaps from the photo shoot later, but whilst I was there with my camera I roamed around taking pictures of the place. They're a little dark because all the lights were off for the shoot, but I kinda like the effect of the light reflections.

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