July 10, 2012

Tea and Stuff

C000315-R1-17-19C000315-R1-19-21C000315-R1-20-22C000315-R1-21-23C000315-R1-22-25 Fi&co in Northbridge have a cute little complimentary tea place upstairs that Viv and I hung out at for far too long here. These snaps were from a while back when it was warm and sunny, now I'm snuggling in three jumpers, warm tea and a blanket. I'm craving summer again, sigh.

In other news, I just came home from seeing Take This Waltz with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen. Whilst being aesthetically pleasing, the plotline was shotty and none of the characters desirable. I really wanted to love Michelle Williams, but I couldn't. She seemed like a selfish twat who needed a slap in the face, and as much as they tried to make Seth Rogen's character the bad guy I still sympathised immensely with him. All in all though, wouldn't have paid the $15 or so to watch it. Their house though, seemed so cosy and loving. I really want my house to look like that when I grow up.

Listening to Youth Lagoon. So much bliss.

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