September 24, 2011


DSC_0066 Phuket is amazing and I haven't changed out of my bathers for the past three days straight (possible exaggeration for effect here)! I've done nothing but go for epic runs (yesterday I managed 12km in just under an hour, which I'm pretty sure is my personal best) and subsequently spent the rest of the afternoon swimming off the sweat and lying by the poolside reading with watermelon juice by my side. I've been bathing in 50s and 60s music through and through, from The Beatles to Otis Redding to The Coasters with a little bit of Viv-inspired k-pop chucked in for lolz. I've eaten just as much yummy Thai food as I've been excersising so hopefully it has all evened out!

I've been working with predominately film photography this trip, I find that it is much more suitable to landscape photography whatnot, and on the other hand digital is more productive for social gatherings and whatnot. So I won't have many images til I return back to Perth but here's some digital ones for the time being!

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