September 11, 2011

Melbourne Snaps & More Travelling?

IMG_0070IMG_0071IMG_0072 More snaps from Melbourne. Viv and I have been planning all our future trips interstate and overseas, so far its:
January 2012: Sydney 
July 2012: Canada/USA or Korea/Japan 
January 2013: South-East Asia Tour-- Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and possibly Taiwan 
July 2013: Europe? Probably... 
January 2014: Somewhere uber cool and exciting!
Also, I want to go on exchange back to France again for a year this time, so I'll have to pop that in somewhere and I'm pretty keen on a South America trip although Viv wouldn't be able to handle it and I probably couldn't go anywhere without her (whipped, I know).

In other news, I went to the Arts Ball last night which was lovely. All the girls looked so pretty and all the boys were all very attractive in their suits. I'm not drinking for quite some time after having a few bad recent evenings, but I sipped on a glass of red wine all night and danced to the really cool jazz 60s music that they were playing. I didn't get any snaps of what I was wearing because I'm on the organising committee and thus was running around after work trying to organise everything and had to get changed really quickly, but hopefully some from the night will surface around. But now it's time to settle down, write this politics essay and organise a french oral that I have this week. Oh but it's such a lovely day outside!

PS. this new blogspot arrangement is annoying me a little bit, the html code is now all fancy and harder to write with!