March 27, 2011



In the first week of February I headed over to Brisbane to visit my Grandma for her 90th Birthday. I hadn't been back to Brisbane (which is where my Dad's side of the family is on) since I was 10 so it was nice to see everyone again. Her 90th birthday lunch was nice and filled with nostalgia.

I had completely forgotten that my Uncle is a film director. He mostly does low budget documentary films for cable TV but it was still pretty cool to be taken around his studio and look at all the fancy equipment. He also hires out a lot of cameras and things like that, and gave me a film SLR plus a whole heap of film! I haven't gotten any of my rolls developed yet, but hopefully it turns out nicely. I'm still experimenting with film, but so far i'm loving it.

I did a little bit of shopping aswell, investing in my first pair of jeans that I have since been living in. They are amazing. Also I got my prep on for the kick-start to Uni, filling my wardrobe with oxfords and cable-knit sweaters. I can't wait til winter!

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