August 11, 2010

sigrid for stella

source; stella mccartenay fw09 via antimonide

Yes, I know this campaign is kinda so totally last season, but it's been hanging on my wall since then and i've kinda always loved it. And, I've been a lazy blogger. Blame the influx of hipsters in Perth since i've returned that has completely turned me of blogging all together. Actually, not just blogging, but photography, literature, film, the way I dress and act etc. the list goes on. I completely forgot about the whole pretentious scene in Perth that you can't run away from, however I probably shouldn't even comment because I'm probably one of those pretentious hipsters too. And the cycle continues...


  1. this is so amazing i looooove it!
    and yus perth is way overloading on the hipster scene...hence why im going to syd!
    ahhh how was the strokes to?!!!

  2. You are most certainly NOT a hipster. You couldn't be if you tried... I'm the one with the Douche Shades, remember?
    In other news,I just learned that my next-door neighbour hails from Perth. C: