August 05, 2010



Yesterday, my best friend Viv and I spent one of our lazy days just bumming around in the city. We've both made goals to start converting to film a little bit more, despite it being so damn expensive to develop in Perth. I finished my 4th roll of holga 120mm film and she played around with her several new polaroids, in which one of them severely under-exposes and needs to be fixed! First of we went to our favourite little cafe called Tiger Tiger on Murray street and sipped on chai tea.


Afterwards we took advantage of the glorious Perth winter weather (the winters here, I find, are about as warm as the European summers) and sat outside the WA Art Gallery for a good 2 hours lying in the sun, taking snaps on our cool new film cameras and discussing plans for moving out (which WILL happen before we're 20!)



  1. fun day, cute tea cups xx

  2. Such a lovely post, I feel so inspired after looking at those photos.
    I think its so cool that you went to a cafe with all your film!