July 19, 2010

Vienna; the blue roses.


We arrived in Prague strolling the cobbled stone streets and admiring it's beauty. We loved our tour guides pronunciation of her r's and we mocked the street performers at the Prague markets whilst eating some good ol' Czech sausage and fried cheese. Unfortunately, no digital snaps were taken in Prague (i'll have to wait until my film develops to see if I took some snaps on there..) After that, it was of to Vienna, where we ate some more sausage, and I bought my Canadian friend who was staying in Bordeaux with me, Shinae, a blue rose because she is my secret lover.

1 comment :

  1. Secret lovers? Are you kidding me-- we're public now, honey. I still have that rose-- it's pressed and will soon be framed on my wall. No joke. Love you!