June 21, 2010

À Bientôt Bordeaux

(my French front gate using Holga 120mm film)


This is probably the last time i'm going to have internet access for the next month. The second half of the year will probably see this blog turn back to it's former glory of Perth Street Style and a more photography/fashion direction. First things in store for when I get back is a huge wardrobe post update, aswell as starting up my ebay and selling a few no longer desired items. For those of you who care, I will be back on Perth soil at 7.45am on the 23rd of July, which will be celebrated with duty-free alcohol and partying on down to The Strokes and Mumford & Sons at the On the Bright Side festival that just happens to be the very next day. Yes, I will be dead of jetlag, but it's The Strokes. It can't be missed.

Now, what's in store for the next month I hear you asking? Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Venice, Zermatt, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen (encore), London, Paris (encore). The first 10 countries will be travelled with my exchange organisation, thus about 25 other kids from all around the world. Then London and Paris will be travelled with my older sister and brother, which honestly I think will be more fun because my sister is pretty much my best friend. And also because then, we can do whatever the hell that we want and i'll be 18, not that anyone cares in Europe anyways...

So, until then. For everyone on Uni holidays, I hope your exams went well and the holidays go even better. Have a glass of champagne for me! And i'll be celebrating with you all very very soon. Bisous xxx


  1. yay almost home to perth
    its so sad i fly to Bali the day before the strokes concert I WANT TO DIE seriously cannot believe it. and yay for duty free alcohol xo

  2. (a bit late but) I am too jealous of your line-up of European cities. MUCH TOO JEALOUS. YOU'D BETTER HAVE A BLAST.

  3. have lots of fun! would be funny if i saw you in Viennese streets ;)